Fondation Air Liquide




Should you wish to submit an application to the Fondation Air Liquide, please follow these steps: 

1. Check that you are eligible for the Foundation support
Ensure that your project is consistent with the Foundation’s missions and that your request meets
the project selection criteria.


2. Identify a sponsor within Air Liquide
Get in touch with this person and ensure of their support.


3. Create your account
Create your personal account to access the “project submission” section.


4. Prepare your application
Please complete the online form, presenting your organisation and your project in a clear and detailed way. You can ask other people (e.g. your Air Liquide sponsor) to help you complete your application.


5. Submit the requested documents by uploading them to your “project space”
These documents are mandatory; any incomplete application will not be considered. You can work on your application file as long as you have not submitted your project. The "Save" button enables you to modify your application and to delete or upload attachments as you wish.


6. Submitting your project
When your application file is complete, you can confirm submission of your project with the Submit button . You will receive a confirmation email. Please note that you can no longer amend your project once it has been submitted. We will examine your project and contact you for a meeting if it fits our criteria.

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